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AIC Digital Asset Group

Traditional Investment Services And Banking Consulting

AIC teamed with Delchain, a full-service financial business and digital asset supplier, to provide schools and institutions with a faster method to access assets secured by digital currencies. AIC and Delchain work together to offer sponsors with assistance, safety, and security in order to bridge the gap for educational institutions. AIC joined the luxury yachting business in Monte Carlo, Monaco, via a cooperation with Monaco Marina Management Company to broaden crypto access to the industry (M3). They work together to provide yacht brokers and marina operators with a plan for accepting digital currency that complies with industry laws.

Sponsorship of the March 2022 U.S. Superyacht Association Summit: This event, held in West Palm Beach, Florida, brings together summit members and yacht owners to share information and ideas regarding the industry’s difficulties. As a sponsor, AIC was on hand to educate participants on the potential of digital assets, as well as alternative solutions, particularly for a luxury business affected by a worldwide epidemic.

Richard Iamunno’s enthusiasm for assisting businesses in developing digital asset investment strategies reflects his desire to educate people on what’s new, what’s happening now, and what’s coming up next. Iamunno’s passion for innovative investment techniques was obvious in his former leadership job at Online Gaming Systems, Ltd. before joining AIC.

Richard Iamunno was the President and CEO of Online Gaming Systems, Ltd., a worldwide public corporation, before joining AIC. Online Gaming Solutions, under his supervision, provided interactive gaming systems to customers in the land-based gaming business. Aside from land-based operators, the firm also offered counseling and consulting services to licensed and regulated sports wagering operators, lottery organizations, and virtual gaming enterprises.

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